Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hands on workshops in Second Life - MUVEnation task for experienced SL users

Yesterday I attended a FREE workshop on creating HUDs at ICE (Institue for Cooperative Education ).

The workshop lasted 2 hours and the training was available for a limited number of 20 people.
The instructor was really good. I was gladly surprised to see how well she managed the class assiting individuals all the time it was requested.
She was always supportive and helpful and all the content was carefully planned to be followed by attendants.

She tools used were text chat and a board to show images so as to support the instructions she was giving.

By chance we met with Bonbon who was also attending the same workshop and it was really fantastic to have gone together so as to share views about it. Bonbon was very helpful as well since I had a little problem in my PC near the end and could not follow the workshop in the way I would have liked, so, she gladly offered herself to help me with the instructions given.

At the end of the worshop, we interviewed the instructor, Hannah, who continued showing her willigness and involvement in our activity and gladly answered our questions apart from inviting us to join a party at the end of the class where she also suggested us interviewing Lishi, one of the Administrators at ICE. Lishi was also very patient and cooperative with us answering the questions we had already addressed to Hannah and also offering extra information about courses given at her University.

So, my summary regarding the assessment to this task is:

1- The spatial was an emulation of RL mixed with an open space
2- The learning objectives and the instructions were structured and pre-prepared
3- The learning material was given in folders. The course was free mixed with free donations
4- No prior knowledge was requested and the instructions covered several technical issues
5- The communication dynamic was Tutor-Learner-Tutor
6- The activities shown were exclusively to be used in a 3D environment
7- The teaching approach was focused on rules and procedures
8- The follow up evaluation was made through text chat and the feedback was formative
9- The revisions of key concepts from the workshop were systematic

Regarding Hannah and Lishi responses towards what the considered most important when delivering workshops in Second LIfe, Hannah replied : that you have to learn to pace the class for the mayority of the students and that's more difficult without the f2f feedback and the international aspect.
On the other hand, Lishi said that for her 'preparation' was the key aspect in all.

(Bonbon and me interviewing Hannah after class)

About the second question on: Do you have any tip/advice on teaching/presentig workshops in Second Life? , Hannah replied: I highly recommend the 'Teachers in Creation' that will be given here (ICE), once things settle down a bit.
Lishi kept remarking the key element of 'preparation' for all .

I would like to thank Margarita and Steven for the useful grid they've prepared and Hannah and Lishi for the wonderful workshop organized at ICE!

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Rigoberto Stokes said...

Wow, I didn’t know that Second Life can be used as a place to conduct webinars, though now that I think about it, it’s a great idea. I always thought that Second Life was only meant for informal social interaction, but this workshop right here proved it can be used for academic purposes too. I think I will try to apply that in other virtual worlds like IMVU.

Rigoberto Stokes