Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Weekly educational meetings

Every Friday at 11 am SLT we meet a group of educators who share views, experiences,etc. about teaching Languages in Second Life.

It's an international group that initially was formed by Nergiz Kern , Maru del Campo and me, Alicia Barbitta. We started with it in April 2008,and since then, we have consistently joined every Friday. Nergiz has built up a Wiki and we started sharing activities. Then I proposed opening it to other groups of Educators and now there are more than 40 who have joined us to collaborate in the wiki.

The number of Educators to the meetings have increased and now we are never alone.

Below you can see a collection of pictures taken by Steve, one of the participants.

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Luis said...

Great house Alicia ! I found you on second life :)

Luis S.