Monday, December 1, 2008

The professional Avatar

The Professional Avatar

As an advanced participant of MUVEnation distance course the activity to be done for this week relates about reflecting on Professional Avatars.

We had to visit ISTE Island and stop at the station that deals with these Avatars. Here is what they show:
Reflecting on these pictures I guess it has been little biased. Texts are not focused on a 'style' but pictures are. They are really telling you that to be a professional you have to look that way, even in SL where it seems there is far more freedom to the way you look and be than in RL.

Reading the SLED posts you find a variety of opinions about professional looks in SL regarding teachers. Some people think you must be professional in the way you look while others mention that they can even find animal avatars as teachers.
From my point of view I think that what SL offers you is the ability to adapt to the teaching situation you are representing. I guess that in my Business English area I'd rather look similar to what I look in RL, though if I wanted to introduce free activities I'd really choose an avatar that would represent what we were dealing in the topic.
Regarding the fact that if there would be any appearance I would never use in Second Life, I guess I would never try to call my students' attention wearing provocative clothes in my Business English class.

I do consider myself rather conservative in the way I look in SL and I almost try to appear quite similar in the way I dress in RL . Nevertheless I do not take that much attention to changing my clothes as I daily do in my RL. There is so much to learn and investigate in SL that changing clothes is not my first aim.

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