Thursday, November 27, 2008

Alicia Barbitta - TV interview - Second Life

Second Life in an Uruguayan TV Channel

As mentioned, this Tuesday 25th I was interviewed in an Uruguayan TV channel about Second Life.

You can see the interview here. Hope Spanish Speakers enjoy it!


Prof. Nelba Quintana- La Plata- Argentina said...

Hi, Alicia. It was great to see you on TV! Hugs from Argentina, Nelba Aeon

Gavin Dudeney said...

Once again journalists can't simply do a feature on education in Second Life - because that just wouldn't be newsworthy. It's disappointing to see more time being given to a 'technology psychologist' rambling on about how many US marriages are born of online relationships than to Alicia's chat about the good things connected to education. One day, we hope, one journalist will just take SL at face value instead of injecting it with the 'it's also full of crackpots' pop psychology side of things...

Alicia Barbitta - Wonderalica in SL said...

Hi Gavin,

It's true, but worse was from the journalist point of view. He knew 'nothing' about Second Life. He openly admitted to me before the interview but he kept insisting on the 'yellow press' as the psichologyst mentioned about. Anyway he tried to make people understand that behind these programmes there are people who are highly educated to manage and take advantage of these fruitful worlds. Anyway I'm happy to think that one day my grandchildren, or gran-gran children will watch this video and would say: look at our granny! How advanced she must have been difficult for her to make people understand what she was pursuing '.....and they'll be managing virtual worlds instead of javascript:void(0)F2F classes as a normal activity.

Tks for your words!
alicia (Wonderalica )