Monday, November 24, 2008

All about my avatar

All about my avatar

Wonderalica is 2 years old, though she looks like a 'grown up' woman.
Before being as I look now I think I've g
one through two or three stages, no more. The fact of the changes were due to not having experience in dealing with changing clothes and managing body changes. I did not even know about freebies, so at the beginning I tried building clothes myself. The look was not that of what I expected, but if I think seriously, I did not realize I could even be much better than I then looked.

(me on green clothes)

Then some day I came across a woman avatar who might have seen I could look better and took me shopping to 'freebies'. Sh
e first introduced me to some different 'hairstyles'. There she suggested changing my hair colour and style and I guess is what I am still wearing now. I was really happy and comfortable with that change.

(Me with blonde hair. I still did not know how to take pics of myself from the front! )

Little by little I understood where to go to get the clothes I wanted and I also learnt how to unpack those marvellous free boxes 'full' of different clothing styles.
So then I started trying them out to see me looking more like I really look or wear in RL.

My avatar tries to reflect what I really do in RL. I love swimming so, my first purchase after 2 years in second life was a swimming hud. I did really feel 'happy' wearing it since I got it in a special moment of my RL, where 2 months ago I was operated and had to stop swimming for 15 days in RL. That swimming hud was a 'perfect' complement, to see me practicing my be-loving sport inside SL.

The aim of my avatar is discovering the best ways to teach languages, so whenever I am in-world is to meet colleagues to brainstorm ideas about language learning, as well as to understand the usage of tools to help learning be more enjoyable and memorable.

Therefore the image I think my avatar reflects is similar to what I look like or would like to look like in RL. The major difference is in the colour of my hair, but once in RL I had my hair dyed blonde, so, it's not strange for me to see me that way.

I have to admit that what my avatar does not do is to change clothes very much, I found myself very comfortable in what I am wearing now - (guess I have not changed clothes for over 6 months now! )For sure this is something that really differs ' a lot' from my RL activity.
I guess that I am not that concern on impressing avatars on changing clothes but on remembering me for my way of being, curiosity and will to improve myself for the benefit of my students in SL.

Wonderalica Alturas

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