Saturday, November 22, 2008

Uruguayan TV Channel : Teledoce - recording my presence in SL


Yesterday, Teledoce, a Uruguayan TV channel came in Real Life to record about my presence in Second Life.
The purpose was to show Second Life as a innovative way for distance Education.
They arrived just for our usual Second Life weekly meeting with a group of Educators that is held every Friday at 11 SLT / 5pm Uruguayan time.

They could record through the laptop screen some tools that we had 'on show' to use in the classes. Also my colleagues introduced themselves to them and said where they were from and what they did.

Here are some snapshots from the moment that the TV was recording our meeting:

1) Alphabet game built by 'Calisto'

2) Our next stop at the front of my house in Second Life

3) Wonderalica (me) trying out the game

4) More snapshots taken by 'Steve' from the meeting and tour, including a board game I displayed. Pls click on the link:

5)Then my launchroom at
' Virtlantis' :

My launchroom is where people can contact me for in-world classes. We walked around and showed them how I could also fly inside Second Life.

Next Tuesday November 25th I will be interviewed on TV and it will be broadcasted 'live'. I'll try to show about:
a)the benefits of Second Life, b) who is present in Second Life and c) how all this started for me.

I'll also tell them about informal and formal ways of learning to use Technology for classes.

You can follow a short interviewed in Spanish in the written press :

I hope I will be able to include next Tuesday's live recording in this blog.

alicia (Wonderalica Alturas)

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