Monday, November 17, 2008

Micro-learning induction activity

Communicating : CHAT

After reading the four GKCx, Level 1 Modules 1-4, I've chosen the Communicating Chat mission to develop into an engaging task.

I would set this assignment for participants who will take part in a group class.


Chat is an essential tool to manage in-world to communicate with others, express feelings, post questions, etc. Chat will always be the rpimarily use for residents to communicate with peers since it si the toll they are used to managing when they communicate using other resources outside SL.

Activity: Managing IMs

Common chat is easy to handle once in SL. Personal IMs is a skill that needs to be developed.

Purpose of IMs in class

To communicate privately with your teacher or peers.
To avoid interfering when doing group work or pair activities and to be able to share their views without distracting other's attention.

Introductiory task : Show participants how to manage personal IMs

*Ask participants to open their 'Contact list'

*Tell them to touch the name of the person they would like to chat in private. (Once touched it will highlight with a blue colour)

* Ask them to press : IM/Call button (located at the top right column of the button list)

Next step should appear :

So, now ready to start chatting privately with your : partner /peer / group in class!

Engaging / playful task

The task should be called : 'What are they talking about?'

Separate pairs or groups to different areas previously determined. The areas should have at least 3 different topics for them to develop. Ask the pairs or groups to choose one of these topics and ask them to exchange ideas about what they see regarding: what for / where / to who / when / how often / how much, etc. (1)

When participants finish, they must come back with ideas but they should not share them with the rest of the groups.

Now it's time for the groups to 'guess' what topic they have been describing.

In turns groups should start asking 'Yes/No' questions, so as to guess which topic was exactly chosen to describe.
They should be clever enough to spot non common items inside the topic described so as to guess it the soonest. Would be suitable to assign a specific time for the task to add challenge to the activity.

Once guessed the pair who chose the topic should then describe in 'full' including all the elements they were asked to (1)

This activity is made by all the pairs or groups in turns.


*Managing personal IMs

*Describing objects and its use

*Managing 'Yes/No' questions

* Ability to summarize what discussed in groups

Optional: managing notecards to write down their reports.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, managing IM is very important for students and teachers alike. And goinq quickly form on IM to chat to another IM without get confused nor overwhelmed while doing something else should be compulsory task for teachers.
By the way (now getting frivolous) I see that my pillows are having quite a success among the language teacher community :o)) lol, you know, Italian design.