Sunday, November 16, 2008

SL - Coming into land

In this occassion my comments will be about two orientation island for SL newbies.

The first one is NMC Orientation, a good tip to find it is :

Once in Second LIfe, click on : Map, and in 'search' write : NMC Orientation. The map will show you the place, and then just click 0n 'teleport.

Organization process is good, though rather long for true beginners. My suggestion is to do it step by step and then enter this orientation island as many times as you need to start learning different skills to manage in-world.

Support : You have visual aids in the format of panels

Activities to be done: Not specific ones. It is supposed that you will try out what they guide you to do through the panels

People: Unfortunately I found no one around to ask their opinions about.

Tedious: Could be the large number of panels to read.

Second Orientation island is : Orientation Station ( same suggestion as before, go to Map, write the name of the SIM and then click on 'teleport'.)

Organization process: Excellent. Very practical for real beginners. Easy to follow and comfortable to work with. Each skill you can try is separate in a close area, like a hut. This makes you focus on that only activity until you can master it as you wish. It's a very good idea that was developed. The only disadvantage I see is that there are still few skills to be managed. Hope they will add more!

Support : Through notecards that are given to you when touched the Second LIfe Logo inside each hut.

Activities: To be done by each avatar inside the hut.

People found : no - one around to ask how they felt.

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