Saturday, November 8, 2008

My first steps in Second Life

A narrative about your first steps in Second Life:

My first steps in Second Life were exactly 2 years ago, which means October 30th 2006. Just remember clearly when I read the post in Webheads list about the usage of Second Life in Education.
I entered the web, downloaded the programme and the first thing I thought was : this is 'crazy', I can't really understand why people might need this.
Truly speaking, it took me some time to settle and understand the purpose. I can say that now I envision virtual worlds as the 'future for Online Educational programmes'

My first avatar was like small and without any personality inside. I did not know about 'Freebies' and I tried making clothes myself. I am not a good designer, so fortunately little by little I was changing it until what I look now.
I think I first visited Educational places that were recommended. Then I started to make my own way and try to see how everything worked. I can say that I do not remember there was an orientation island so, I had to learn on my own how to move and use different tools. Also the help of other visitors and colleagues who were always willing to share, were essential for me to improve my feeling confident inside Second Life.

I really found helpful people in SL and fortunately I never experienced any bad attitude against myself.
Summarizing I can say:

*Reading articles about Second Life is essential
*Being a member of SLED list
*Internal motivation to progress inside this virtual world.
*To be curious', and curiosity brings your need to explore the best for your students regarding online tools.

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